Post traumatic stress disorder is a severe anxiety disorder caused by serious trauma. Post traumatic stress disorder can cause flashbacks and nightmares and ongoing negative thoughts and emotions, along with a negative inner voice. PTSD often results in an inability to sleep or stay asleep. It negatively affects behavior, relationships and job performance.

Many military personnel who return from war experience PTSD. Its symptoms are often quite severe and continuous. Many experience childhood trauma and spousal and other traumas that result in PTSD. Conventional medical intervention can help stabilize and reduce symptoms. But, conventional treatment alone is not enough to end PTSD.

To end PTSD, integrated holistic therapy is also needed.

The holistic approach seeks to end the emotional grip of the trauma that caused the PTSD and help move the person toward happiness – an ongoing feeling of inner peace, peace of mind and joy. This requires a combination of mindfulness and positive thinking exercises, zone-out meditation, deep breathing exercises, visualization exercises (intended to flush out the painful past), heart-centered, spiritual prayer and Reiki and other forms of energy healing (such as acupuncture, acupressure, integrated energy therapy and emotional freedom techniques).

The holistic approach also relies on diet, exercise and natural supplements to help reduce anxiety and depression, common symptoms of PTSD.

The holistic approach is intended to provide the patient with the tools needed to end the emotional grip of the trauma and thereby stop ongoing negative thoughts and emotions, an ongoing inner voice and end related anger, depression and anxiety.

Most of us were born happy, full of wonder and positive energy. Then trauma hits. The traumas in life often change our beliefs from positive to negative, from “the world is a Whole Melt Extracts Live Resin wonderful place” to “the world is a scary place.” These traumas cause us to hold onto painful memories and the related negative emotions. These traumas change our beliefs from positive to negative in the unconscious and conscious minds.

These negative beliefs then lead to negative thoughts and a negative inner voice. The negative thoughts and negative inner voice lead to a state of agitation and ongoing negative emotions, such as anger, guilt, fear, anxiety, worry.

Our thoughts and inner voice effect our emotional state and our emotional state effects our minds. Our emotional state affects the state of our minds. The state of our energy bodies directly affects our thoughts and emotional state.

Traumas often do terrible damage to the energy body. Traumas create emotional blockages. These emotional blockages manifest as energy blockages in our energy body (chakras and meridians in particular) that restrict the free flow of chi energy through us. These traumas can separate us from our higher self (soul) and inner child at the same time, robbing us of any ongoing feeling of inner peace, joy and wonder along with peace of mind.


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