How to Make Memorable ‘Unboxing’ Experiences With Custom Boxes

When a client receives a package that has been shipped, how well the goods have been packaged will always mean a lot to them. The small things like a ‘hello’ message on top of the box as well as the company’s trademark packaging style will make the experience feel more personal.

Selling products that are manufactured by a different company may somehow swallow the distributing company’s identity. This may be because modifications to even the small things like packaging may pose a problem. There are however a few things that such a company can do to set themselves apart.

Make shipping boxes look welcoming and delightful

Cardboard shipping packages tend to be the standard mode of shipping for most companies. For the client, the box will just appear plain, boring, and whatever is inside will only be reached after several layers of unwrapping. A distributing afternoon tea boxes packaging company can better this experience for the client by ordering custom boxes which may portray their colors, logo or slogan.

The company may also decide to use packaging tape that is custom made or use labels that are branded. Stickers may be added to plain boxes as well. This will provide a perfect way for a company to distinguish themselves, but also avoid spending too much money. In this way, the company’s brand is set up from the word go. Infusing the company’s brand into any printed material, instructions or packaging slips will also help promote a delightful package opening experience for the client.

How does packaging tie to the company’s general branding?

The message a brand portrays has always to be consistent, despite the form it takes, or where it has to appear. Everything that is linked to packaging – be it the instruction sheets for that shipping carton or the text printed on transportation bags – represent the company’s brand in one way or another.

A sentence with a wrong tone, or a misused font or incorrect colors, will all portray a wrong message. It will mean the company in being misrepresented, not showing exactly what it does or what it stands for. This means that the quality being promoted by the company has already been compromised.

Packaging in Custom Boxes forms a huge part of any given business

There will be something off with a company that has an information filled, luxurious looking website for some expensive gemstone and jewelry. But simply ship the jewelry in plastic bags without any paperwork. No matter the kind of packaging, it should be able to represent the business in one glance.