How to Quit Smoking Weed – Developing a Plan For Success

I would like to share some tips that I have learned from my experience and experience of others who have worked hard to quit smoking pot. Everyone responds to the drug differently so this article is written for those who have been unsuccessful quitting marijuana in the past. It contains tips and tricks that are helpful if you want to learn how to quit smoking weed.

Number 1: Make weed your enemy. You need to acknowledge that marijuana is a problem and is your enemy and is robbing you of your ability to function to the best of your ability. gras online kaufen It is a crutch keeping you from being your best self. Read up on the negative effects of marijuana and think about what it’s actually doing to. How are your lungs? How is your relationship with your family? Figure out and write down all of the reasons weed is bad in your life.

Number 2: Get Motivated. Really determine why you want to quit smoking. Creating a high level of motivation can be difficult for stoners, because marijuana makes many people couch potatoes. You need to build up a level of motivation that will last you a lifetime. Most important are the first days and weeks after you decide to quit. Think about, or write down, all of reasons you would like to quit, and all the benefits that come with quitting. You may also wish to set a reward for milestones that you have achieved along the way. These are keep steps if you want to discover how to quit smoking weed. You need clear reasons. If you have made it marijuana the enemy, prepare for battle!

Number 3: Be Committed. For a lot of different ways that you can maintain your commitment to quitting marijuana. You may decide to meditate daily, take a walk to clear your mind, do yoga or tai chi, or any number of activities that will solidify your commitment to your goal. Use this time to refresh your motivation and review your progress. you’ll probably find that you have more time, or can use your time more effectively once it stopped. You may also wish to make new commitments to fill in those time gaps, so that you do not mess up and relapse.

Number 4: Be Prepared. Many of us have tried to quit before in the past, and have failed. One of the main reasons that many people fail to quit smoking weed, is that they lack a plan or a course of action once they have committed to the goal. It is very important to write down how you plan to quit. You particularly need to plan for the first week or so. Withdrawal from marijuana, can be very difficult for some people. Common symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, and a lack of appetite. If you prepare for all of these things, you will be more likely to succeed as you will not be caught off guard.