How to Quit smoking Without Revulsion Symptoms

Quitting smoking is not as easy even as think it is. It is not so difficult either, if you really want to quit. The real challenge is to decide to give up this habit. The moment you take it up as a challenge it is half done. Normally we do not take it seriously and assume that we can quit it any time, but that point never comes unless we really want to quit.

What are the reasons that we start smoking in the first place. People have different reasons to start smoking. A teenager normally starts smoking to feel adult. Actually he stops his growth the moment smoking becomes his habit. Which can be has a หัว pod unusual quality. The more you have which can be the more you crave for it. Its reverse is also true. The less you smoke the lesser you feel like smoking. Now the real question is how to quit it, if we get enslaved by it. I have experienced the kind of revulsion symptoms you have to go through before quitting this habit for good. Here are some simple tips I’ve found to be very effective.

As i said that the more you smoke the more you feel like smoking, we should first make a list of benefits and side effects of cigarette. The only selling point of smoking is that we get a high briefly. Within an hour of the last use your electronic cigarette, the high is no longer there. We can make a long list of side effects of smoking. I need not emphasise, no matter who you are, side effects of smoking are always on the higher side than the benefits, no matter how you rationalize you smoking habit. Now ask yourself if it is really worth to spend money to ruin your health and energy. I am sure your answer will be no.

Once the list is complete pin it up somewhere in your house or place of work so that you can easily have view it whenever you wish. See the side effects whenever you have time, and encourage yourself that you really want to get rid of this habit, as the benefits in terms of saving money and health is one of the greatest motivating factor. Calculate how much you can save if you do not smoke. It is always an adequate amount.

Cigarette reduces oxygen carrying capacity of bronchi, but the good news is it can be increased if we start exercising regularly. Breathing exercises are the far better increase our lungs’ oxygen carrying capacity. Try to take deep inhale when you feel like smoking. It reduces the urge to smoke as you take more oxygen rather than which can be.

You can also take something else rather than cigarette. Water is the best option, drink a few glasses of water when it is time to smoke. It will kill your urge to smoke for a few hours. Drink as much water as you can because it not only reduces your urge to smoke but also cleanses your the disgestive system and other systems.

Try quitting it cold turkey instead of quitting it slowly. Quitting slowly means you have not gotten to encourage yourself that it will make you much healthier and wealthy. So repeat the purpose 1 and 2 mentioned above and once you are convinced start with point 3.