How to Recognize the Difference Between “Drama” and Challenges in a Relationship

Many of us, that have lived a little while, have had experiences that we look back on and realize they were lessons we had to learn, especially in the area of relationships. If you have never had your heart broken consider yourself lucky or maybe you just have not lived long enough.

Relationships are usually some of the most difficult challenges that we go through in life. They can be difficult for a number of reasons. When we are in love we have to surrender our hearts to another. Depending on where we might be in our own development in life it can be something that is easy or one of the most difficult tasks you will ever have to deal with.

The metaphysical perspective

From a metaphysical perspective when we incarnate we decide on the challenges that we will encounter in our lifetime. As a soul we have lessons to learn and experiences to grow from. Romantic relationships can be so difficult they can test our sanity.

The area that I would like to speak on today in how to recognize when a relationship is one that is “drama filled” and one that is a challenge.

Is Hollywood killing relationships?

I think in today’s world we really have a very romanticized view of what  Dramacool “true” love is. I believe we get caught up in the Hollywood idea of what love should be. That means that we meet someone and we live happily ever after. The implication of this perspective is that when we truly love someone everything should be peaches and cream and we should never get angry, have an argument or even question whether or not we are in love. If your view of love is one that is of a Hollywood like perspective then I think there may be some difficulties you will encounter in your love life.

Many of us have been through ups and downs in relationships. I have learned some very difficult lessons personally. I have never had a Hollywood perspective on love. I like to believe that I am pretty centered and even keeled on the subject of love. I have had my heart broken and broken some hearts. One of my favorite musical artists is Eric Benet. He wrote a song called “Still I believe in Love”. One of the verses of the song says:

“I’ve been the angel been the beast, I’ve been confused and had clarity, I went the distance only to find there was nothing there, take your hearts place your bets On this game of Russian roulette If you lose they won’t remember of even care, oh well! But still I believe in love”

even though he has been on both sides of the break ups he still keeps an open mind and open heart about love. Just like Eric Benet at some point you have to believe that true love is possible or you will not want to work through any issues your relationships may have. Believe me when I say, if you have personal issues that arise in relationships you will work them out with the person you are with, or you will work them out with the new person. But until you work through the issues they will repeat. Wherever you go, goes the relationship issues. The grass is not always greener on the other side.