How Vocabulary Building Can Improve Your Career

If there is a subject of really universal interest and utility, it is the art of writing and speaking one’s own language effectively. Vocabulary is among the most important components of a language. It is the basis of culture, as we all know and are familiar with it. Anyone who poses a strong vocabulary can not only handle business a lot better, because he can give clear and to the point details and instructions but he can also construct a proper image for himself. Vocabulary building helps you to become the expert and to lead people. An efficient leader has to have a powerful background in language and vocabulary. On the other hand somebody that has to work in a company has to understand the instructions and make his work clear to others. Vocabulary building is infinitely more than that: it is the basis of business. No salesman can sell anything unless he can explain the merits of his goods in effective English (among our people), or can write an advertisement equally effective, or present his ideas, and the facts, in a letter.

Indeed, the way we talk, and write letters, largely determines our success in life.

Let us examine the facts in the case more closely. First of all, language is no more than a medium; it is like air to the creatures of the land or water to fishes. If it is perfectly clear and pure, we do not notice it any more than we notice pure air when the sun is shining in a clear sky, or the taste of pure cool water when we drink a glass on a hot day. Unless the sun is shining, there is no brightness. Unless the water is cool, there is no refreshment. The source of all our joy in the landscape, of the luxuriance of fertile nature, is the sun and not the air. Language is merely a medium for thoughts, emotions, the intelligence of a finely wrought brain, and a good mind will make far more out of a bad medium than a poor mind will make out of the best. In case you find yourself in a difficult situation you will be able to handle it if you have a larger vocabulary. Explaining the situations, giving arguments, constructing logical arguments and expressions, constructing empathy with the reader, establishing a channel of communication, informing and persuading are just a few of the things you actually need in any business and they all revolve around vocabulary.

The truth is, we must regard the bad spelling nuisance, How to construct great arguments the bad grammar nuisance, the in-artistic and rambling language nuisance, precisely as we would the smoke nuisance, the sewer-gas nuisance, the stock-yards’ smell nuisance. Some dainty people prefer pure air and correct language; but we now recognize that purity is something more than an aesthetics fad, that it is essential to our health and well-being, and therefore it becomes a matter of universal public interest, in language as well as in air. No matter what business you are involved in, you have to communicate with people. A large vocabulary will project a good image of you and you will be able to use its fine subtle power to get your point across, to receive empathy and to construct a pleasant environment at work. After all during your work break you do need the stress of not being able to talk with your colleagues or start a pleasant and relaxing chat with somebody. Being sociable and open minded, both allowed by a powerful vocabulary will be of a great benefit for your career.