Wicker has been an important material for furniture throughout history. The ancient Egyptians used plant fibers to produce woven wicker furniture and storage vessels. Throughout the ages, wicker has been the material of choice for durable, resilient patio furniture. Today, it remains an incredibly popular choice for home and patio furniture.

After a long day at work, nothing Wicker Porch Furniture is more soothing than coming home to relax on your patio in a comfortable wicker chair. One such example is the Litchfield All Weather High Back Rocker. This wicker patio chair, made with a heat resistant, resin wicker weave, is suitable for any climate and home or garden; when combined with a cushion or other padding, such as the Litchfield Rocker Cushion, it induces a state of complete and total comfort and relaxation.

The beauty of wicker patio furniture goes beyond its comfort; it also offers a myriad of advantages for patio furniture. It is incredibly resilient and will hold up well to all types of weather. In addition, wicker patio furniture is virtually maintenance free. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth and dust it off – and it will look as fresh as the day it was purchased. At the same time, since it is lightweight, wicker is portable. Move it out of the rain and wind if you desire, and then return it to the patio when the weather subsides. Enjoy the flexibility of using the furniture in one place, and then moving it to another if company comes or you want a change of scenery.

Families with small children will especially benefit from wicker’s durability, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Children of all ages can relax and unwind as they swing in a soothing rhythm on one of the many wicker porch and garden swings available at Patio and Home Furniture. Whether you’re looking for a cozy swing for two, such as the White Wicker Porch Swing, or a wicker swing that seats the whole family, such as the Vineyard Open Back Swing, these wicker swings are the best for patio furniture enjoyment.

Comfortable, easy to maintain, sturdy and beautiful, wicker is a great choice for home and patio furniture. Walk like the Egyptians and enjoy the durability, flexibility and easy maintenance of a wicker patio furniture set today. Visit Patio and Home Furniture to see a large, affordable selection of great wicker furniture to increase your patio enjoyment.

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