Types of Home Water Filters

A pitcher water filter is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to begin filtering tap water in your home. The complex filtering process aside, these water filters are perfect to start with since they’re easy to use and provide drinking water right on the spot. Once you try tap water filtered from the pitcher variety of filters and do a side by side comparison of regular tap Vs. filtered tap, you’ll instantly notice the difference in quality, and will be hooked for life.

These are very cheap and do the job well. These pitcher filters are used by either pouring water into the top part, or, sometimes they can even be hooked directly onto your faucet for faster filling and filtering. That variety is definitely preferred due to ease and speed.

Countertop Filter Systems


Countertop water filtration systems are built to quality standards and can filter thousands upon thousands of gallons of drinking water. The way these function is by using water pressure to force the water into the filter, which in turn filters out the sediments, added chemicals, and other toxins. These are excellent for filtering out the unwanted sediments like lead and mercury, as well as eliminating the bad taste and odor from normal tap water.

Under The Sink Water Filtration Systems


This type of water filtration can be a little more complex in installation and will possibly take a little longer because of the work involved, but it is 100% worth it if you are serious about filtering the water in your home. Like the other filtration systems mentioned, these will also filter out up to 99% of the chemicals and substances that we don’t want in our water. Not to mention though, since brita water for humidifier these systems are a little more complex in their filtration, the water can potentially be filtered out even more than the other countertop and pitcher filtration varieties.

The under the sink filtration systems usually filter out the water at two separate points: the point of water entry, and the point of water use. In plain English, this means the water goes through a dual filtering process: once going into the under the sink system, and then once more when the water is poured into any type of container or bottle for consumption.

You can’t go wrong with an under the sink water filtration system if you’re serious about ridding your water of unnecessary


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