Use of Synonym Replacement Tools For Writing and Rewriting Essays, Articles and Website Content

Article and essay writers and website developers, need to prepare articles and website content on all sorts of topics – quickly and efficiently. There are a wide range of software tools and rewriting services available, both online and offline. These consist of synonym replacement tools of various types – both automatic replacement tools and ones that provide look-up lists for each word. The individual – word by word – pick and choose – methods are probably the best but they are extremely time-consuming.

The rewriting consultant services are great but are very expensive. The methods using translations to a foreign language and back to English are haphazard. These translation methods are commonly used for various rewriting tools but the method used is seldom disclosed. Both the automatic replacement methods using synonyms and translation methods can be very disappointing and produce poor results.

The replacement words are often inappropriate essay writing service redditand make no sense in the context of the sentence. A better way is needed. The usual approach to write an article or essay, or to write content for a website is to gather the source material from various websites, organize this under a series of headings and then to rewrite each section in your own words. Essentially this means taking the concepts and ideas of the source material, finding new words and expressions as replacements and inserting your own ideas, words and expressions. What are needed are more efficient, comprehensive and smarter substitution tools designed to make better and more reliable substitutions by ensuring the replacement words are appropriate. The tool should focus on the 5,000 to 10,000 most widely used words in English language. Such large numbers of words are needed to increase the substitution density. The aim should be to replace about half of the original words. These words should be carefully selected as appropriate for substitution. This means choosing words that can be consistently replaced without changing the meaning of the phrases and sentences, or creating garbage.